So [personal profile] aminuteafter3 suggested I create my own entry to be sent to Overrated List. She knows me well enough by now to know that I live for making lists like these, as is also evidenced by my all too frequent participation in the Living Social "Pick 5" app on Facebook. Seriously, I must post at least three of those a day, worse since I've taken to creating my own over the past couple of weeks. Shit's addictive, man, and at least it's not 'What Color is Your Aura' or some dumb shit like that. My aura is PLAID, motherfuckers, what do you think of that?

Damn, now I'm thinking I should have gone with "ludicrous_speed" as a user handle. Ah, well, I just added it as an interest at least.

Anyhoozlebees, here's my list, and I welcome your own contributions in comments. Hell, send them to the website too, I'm going to.

(in no particular order)
1. Julia Roberts
2. Sex and the City
3. "Celebrity chefs"
4. House, M.D.
5. Going to concerts

I expect House will garner the most "ehhhhwhaaaat?" reactions, if any at all. Let me clarify, I did used to watch it for the first couple of seasons, then got bored of it real quick. No, not even Hugh Laurie's dazzling good looks and rapier wit are enough to lure me back. Just once I would have liked to have seen House treat someone with a hangnail, rather than someone who has a bowling pin shoved up his ass for comic relief or comes in with some exotic disease that brings them to the very brink of death, only to have House snatch them back with his amazing powers of douchebaggery. The writers seem to have gotten lazy fairly early on in the show, making House irascible and combative just for the hell of it, without really providing any real dimension as to what made him that way. I don't like dealing with irredeemable assholes in real life, I'm not likely to watch them on television either. It got annoyingly repetitive after a while, and any time a show starts focusing on the invariably complicated, "I can only sleep with people I work with" love lives of the characters is when I stop watching. I always wonder that about shows like Grey's Anatomy: how does anyone have any time to treat patients when they're too busy fucking each other?

As for going to concerts, yeah, they're fun, but as I get older the cons tend to outweigh the pros, those cons being obnoxious nitwits whose sole purpose in coming to concerts seems to be to get drunk off their asses and refuse to respect personal space. Also, ticket prices are just ridiculous anymore. I passed up the chance to see U2 at Giants Stadium this fall, simply because the affordable seats are probably so far up in the stands I'd be more likely to see satellites passing overhead than the band itself.

So, yeah, hit me with your overrated lists, let's hear them.